While playing around with mediaservers and my ps3, I noticed that I still had not fixed my HD spin down issue on my FreeLink Linksation. Some months ago I evaluated what my cause hdparm spindown timers to fail. I found out that some processes still work on logfiles, I tried to minimize them but still the HD spin up to often. I now use this setting for hdparm:

 command_line {   

  hdparm -q -m16 -q -W0 -q -d1 -S120 /dev/hda



which equals 10 minutes idle time. In addition i added the noatime,nodiratime flags to my /etc/fstab entries locate on the harddisc. This is what I already had, but still the spinup problem. I found a posting a while ago – I don’t know where – about moving the /var directory from the harddrive onto a flash drive or USB stick. This is what finally solved my issue! I just stopped all daemons accessing var (cron, atd, syslog, etc.) and copied over the complete /var directory to a USB stick partition. Then I changed the /etc/fstab file and moved the old /var directory out of the way, created a new on and mounted the flash drive – also the reboot test was successful. I was more than happy finding out that now th HD spins down and only spins up if I mount the Linkstation or need to access or execute a file on the HD. Next I will install a new more silent fan and I will not hear the Linkstation any more 🙂