Over the weekend I finally managed to play around with garage Band.  A while ago I thought about making my own songs for my videos. Unfortunately my first under water video isn’t finished yet but at least I now have an idea how to make a nice soundtrack. I used my Behringer BCF2000 as a MIDI Interface and my Korg X5D as keyboard which I bought quite some time ago on Ebay.

midi setup

It really makes a lot of fun - unfortunately I did not play Keyboard for ten years so the first hours where quite challenging. Garage band is an easy to use software – it took me an hour or so to get started. The loops which come with the software are quite OK but there aren’t that many. Luckily I have some more loops from Soundtrack Pro from my Final Cut Express 3.5 Package. Apart from the Loops garage band ships some nice Software Instruments – the synths are quite nice and you can tweak around a lot so I made a nice first track mydelay3.mp3.