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New iPhone 3G Clock Radio

Today I received my christmas present replacement – an iHome iP99 Radio Clock. On Christmas Eve I got a Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime. I managed to crash it while trying it out without reading the manual. After removing the backup battery the device was working again. It was very easy to configure and sound quality was ok. I spend some minutes playing around with it, programmed my favorite radio stations, set the alarm and was quite happy. A little later I decided to place it on my bed stand and remove my ancient radio clock. As it was much quieter in the sleeping room I realized that the power supply was buzzing in an absolute annoying way. I move it to the room right next to the sleeping room but I was still able to hear the buzzing. Looks like you wont need the alarm function as you may not even fall asleep with this device close to your bed. I tried to replace it but all other devices in the electronics store had the same issue – buzzing power supplies. I decided to just return it and get the cash back. Finding an alternative wasn’t to easy. Finally I found the iHome iP99 and decided to give it a try. This device is a little bit more expensive but worth the difference. Sound is OK, you can dim the LCD and buttons and it has quite intuitive ipod like controls. It also has a nice sleep mode – the music slowly fades out. Last but not least its power supply does not buzz!


Samsung CLX-2160N Network Scan on OSX

Since my HP Lasejet 4MP is a little bit outdated and Toner is almost empty I considered buying a new Laser printer.  I came up with the follwing wish list:

  • Laser Printer
  • Color
  • Scanner
  • Standalone Copier
  • Network Interface (printing and scanning)
  • OSX support
Comparing prices I decided to buy a Samsung CLX-2160N.
The device works well as standalone Color-Copier and network printer on OSX after I installed the driver from Samsungs website. I can’t compare the drivers with the windows version but I read that there are some differences and the windows drivers are more flexible in terms of print setting.


Nevertheless I still think that the level of print support under OSX is sufficient for my use case. One thing that is not provided by Samsung is support for Scan to Network. This feature is only available on windows. You can however scan to USB Stick – which works well. Searching various Mac forums I was not able to find a way to get network scan to work with OSX – until yesterday.


I found this interesting website. They provide a small perl script for scan to network supporting various MFP printers and they support the CLX-2160N. You just run the perl script including some parameters form a terminal window. Afterwards you can select your workstation in the printer menu and select the resolution. I only managed to get JPGs out, the TIFF and PDF settings have no effect. Although you don’t have the full resolution and flexibility the TWAIN driver using the USB port offers, for me it is sufficient for most use cases.

/Users/nd/downloads/dell1600n-net-scan.pl --clx2160n --format jpeg --listen
You simply start the script using the above command where is the IP of my printer.

Fun with Garageband

Over the weekend I finally managed to play around with garage Band.  A while ago I thought about making my own songs for my videos. Unfortunately my first under water video isn’t finished yet but at least I now have an idea how to make a nice soundtrack. I used my Behringer BCF2000 as a MIDI Interface and my Korg X5D as keyboard which I bought quite some time ago on Ebay.

midi setup

It really makes a lot of fun - unfortunately I did not play Keyboard for ten years so the first hours where quite challenging. Garage band is an easy to use software – it took me an hour or so to get started. The loops which come with the software are quite OK but there aren’t that many. Luckily I have some more loops from Soundtrack Pro from my Final Cut Express 3.5 Package. Apart from the Loops garage band ships some nice Software Instruments – the synths are quite nice and you can tweak around a lot so I made a nice first track mydelay3.mp3.

Apple wireless keyboard and PS3

Someone gave me the nice thin Apple Bluetoth Keyboard as christmas present. When I bought my PS3 the first thing I thought about was sitting on the couch and surfing with the PS3’s webbrowser using a bluetooth keyboard. Initaly I don’t had any success since the Apple keyboard refused to pair with the PS3. After it found the Apple Keyboard nothing happen until you pressed the return key on the keyboard which results in an error message. Next step was to update the PS3 Firmware to the most recent version. I did this using the online update from the menu and voila: after the update the keyboard paired flawlessly – BTW: this entry was written from my PS3 while sitting on my couch 🙂