Today I received my christmas present replacement – an iHome iP99 Radio Clock. On Christmas Eve I got a Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime. I managed to crash it while trying it out without reading the manual. After removing the backup battery the device was working again. It was very easy to configure and sound quality was ok. I spend some minutes playing around with it, programmed my favorite radio stations, set the alarm and was quite happy. A little later I decided to place it on my bed stand and remove my ancient radio clock. As it was much quieter in the sleeping room I realized that the power supply was buzzing in an absolute annoying way. I move it to the room right next to the sleeping room but I was still able to hear the buzzing. Looks like you wont need the alarm function as you may not even fall asleep with this device close to your bed. I tried to replace it but all other devices in the electronics store had the same issue – buzzing power supplies. I decided to just return it and get the cash back. Finding an alternative wasn’t to easy. Finally I found the iHome iP99 and decided to give it a try. This device is a little bit more expensive but worth the difference. Sound is OK, you can dim the LCD and buttons and it has quite intuitive ipod like controls. It also has a nice sleep mode – the music slowly fades out. Last but not least its power supply does not buzz!