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mediaserver evaluations for PS3

I started to setup a mediaserver for my PS3. After noticing that I’m not the only one who is working  on this i followed cirrus porposal and evaluated TwonkyMediaServer. It worked well on my LS2 linkstation (running full blown debian etch – they call it FreeLink – it can now be installed without much pain using this tutorial – when I started I had to do everything on my own including disassemling of the box). The only two issues I see with Twonky are:

  • It costs money (but is still affordable)
  • It does not support my .ts files recoded with my dbox2 I have to rename them to mpg.

I then found another project on sourceforge called mediatomb which is an open source project. It took me some time to compile the code on my linkstation since this box is not that fast – but i managed to get it up and running wihout any problems and the box seems to be also powerful enough for this software. After adding the required mime type to the config.xml and added the required paramter to enable the box to work with my PS3, I now have the same status as with twonky, apart from the nice itunes xml integration. One nice feature of mediatomb is that it is actively developed and that it can be scripted very nice – it should be also possible to integrated last.fm notifications easily.  

Warner to support Blue-Ray exclusively

looks like there is new pace in the HD war – Warner just announce to bring out new titles on Blue-Ray only accordig to this press release. Maybe this will finish the format war a little bit quicker having consumers in mind. Good thing for me too since i just bought a PS3 🙂

Apple wireless keyboard and PS3

Someone gave me the nice thin Apple Bluetoth Keyboard as christmas present. When I bought my PS3 the first thing I thought about was sitting on the couch and surfing with the PS3’s webbrowser using a bluetooth keyboard. Initaly I don’t had any success since the Apple keyboard refused to pair with the PS3. After it found the Apple Keyboard nothing happen until you pressed the return key on the keyboard which results in an error message. Next step was to update the PS3 Firmware to the most recent version. I did this using the online update from the menu and voila: after the update the keyboard paired flawlessly – BTW: this entry was written from my PS3 while sitting on my couch 🙂